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Mineral specimen

Mineral specimen (English name: Mineral specimen) is a mineral sample that has been maintained in its original physical form or in its native state, and can be studied, researched and viewed.


Amethyst, from the Greek word meaning "unbreakable", is chemically composed of SiO2.It is a trigonal crystal system with hexagonal crystals with transverse lines, left and right forms, and bicrystals are common. Hardness 7. Crystals often contain irregular or plume-like gas-liquid inclusions. It is one of the most valuable members of the crystal family, because of its purple color due to the presence of Mn and Fe3+ in its crystals. It is transparent and has obvious polychromy when viewed under a dichroic mirror. Amethyst StringsTranslated with (free version) Amethys...

Crystals Crystal Minerals

Crystal (rock crystal) is a rare mineral, a type of gemstone, a quartz crystal, which belongs to the quartz group in mineralogy. Its main chemical component is silicon dioxide, with the chemical formula SiO2.When pure, it forms colorless and transparent crystals. It is pink, purple, yellow, teal, etc. when it contains trace elements such as Al and Fe. Irradiated trace elements form different types of color centers, producing different colors, such as purple, yellow, teal, pink, etc. Those containing associated inclusions are called inclusions crystals, such as hair crystal, green ghost, red...

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